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Online Real Estate Auction Advantages 

  • Standard Fees for Seller 

  • All standard marketing techniques are used plus a specific audience may be targeted. An online auction eliminates "negative" haggling with an upward progression of bidding.

  • Create a sense of urgency! The seller may determine the date and time they wish to sell. A deadline is established which motivates the buyer to act now!

  • Provide Open Public Bidding! Terms and conditions are available prior to the auction, eliminating unknowns, other than the selling price. All prospective buyers become equals in the sense no one has a negotiating advantage. All buyers are competing fairly and on a level playing field.

  • Online Auctions Maximize Competition! Online Auctions generate excitement and stimulate buyers to act now. When a property is at the peak of desirability, auctions produce the best results. An Online Auction establishes the true market value of real estate at a specific point of time. Finding multiple buyers for a very desirable property may not be difficult, but capitalizing on that competition is our specialty. Online Auction provides a platform for discovering the highest obtainable sales price through competitive bidding.

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Refer a Seller -  Realtors & Real Estate Agents (Lawrence & Topeka)

  • When the seller you refer completes a successful auction. Midwest will simply pay you a portion of the buyer’s premium commission at closing. Just one of the benefits sellers enjoy with a Real Estate Online Auction. 

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